FAQ's, Security Cameras Installation

FAQ’s on DVR and Security Cameras 

Can I listen to live and recorded audio remotely? 

Yes, with an optional audio module, you can listen to live and recorded audio from anywhere through the Internet.

Can I view live and recorded video locally? 

Yes, a simple-to-use user interface allows you to view your operation on site.

Can I use my existing cameras? 

Yes, You can use your existing CCTV cameras. Simply plug them into the back of the DVR which replaces the VCR.

Can the DVR report an alarm? 

Yes, it can email snapshot pictures or notify a pager when motion is detected or an alarm is activated.

Can I zoom in with a camera? 

Yes, if you have a Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera (PTZ).

Can I save video or images? 

Yes, you can save video in AVI format or save images in JPEG format, locally or remotely.

Can I record audio? 

Yes, with an optional audio module.

How long will the DVR store video? 

Standard systems are capable of recording 4 weeks, by adding additional hard drives the capacity can be extended to several months.

How many sites can be viewed simultaneously? 

With the enhanced web interface, unlimited sites could be viewed simultaneously all in the same screen.

Can several users view one site at once? 

Yes, multiple users can view the same site simultaneously. However, as more people look at the same cameras/DVR at the same time, the bandwidth will be shared between them.

How does the DVR connect to DSL or cable? 

All DVRs come with network interface card; simply connect the DVR to a DSL/cable modem or a router. Our DVRs work with both dynamic and static IP addresses 
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